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A Gollum’s Poem

The echoes resound in the chamber immense

Hewn in the Misty Mountains depths.

Its floor, a lake of waters unknown

The darkness of ages reflects.

             And the azure presence of the penumbral light

            Whispers fears of a forgotten tale.


A beam of reluctant light reveals

An isle in the sombre lagoon.

A sinister, creepy, despondent silhouette

Outlined in the twilight of gloom.

            And the dire cry of a creature in pain

           Awakens the bowels of ancient Mount Doom.


“My precious! My precious!” the echo goes forth,

The hesitant air, unwilling to flow.

It travels through fears, and omens and thoughts

Of beings long hoping the ring’d be lost.

             And the buried legends of forgotten pasts

            Revive by the desperate cry of the voice.


Two yellow eyes the darknes disturb

Piercing the space with daggers of greed.

A sudden suspicion has come to his mind:

“It was nasty hobbit who took our gift.”

          And the new hobbit bearer, treading into light

          Begins the long journey of Sauron’s demise.


                                                                                                                                   (2010 ) Erica Yanina Luján


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